Another midterm out of the way

On Tuesday I had my second midterm exam of the quarter for MBA 870. The material for this test was a lot more complicated than the first midterm’s material and I ended up studying from 6pm – 2am on Monday night, which was in addition to the studying I did on Sunday and I still didn’t feel comfortable with the material. I ended up skipping my 6pm class on Tuesday to study for my 8pm midterm. I ended up doing alright on the midterm but I wish I had given myself more time to study for the exam. I guess I am still learning to juggle school with work and my social life. I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks away. I am looking forward to the long weekend away from class and work.

Changing subjects, Nirvana released the live album Live at Reading recently. I used to ride to school with a kid that had a bootleg of this show and listening to it now brings back some fond memories of high school. If you are a fan of Nirvana and you’ve never heard this show, you must get it. As you can see, all the critics agree.