When dumb is good

I know. I know. I have spent an awful lot of my allocated blog space talking about how dumb I am/feel/act. Don’t worry – I won’t beleaguer the point (although I should come up with a post to prove that I am learning something).

This post is, in fact, something different.

One great thing about being in Fisher is that you are thrust into different situations where you don’t feel particularly smart. A reason – brilliant classmates.

For our behavioral organization class, we had to rate different groups in terms of Larson and LaFasto’s team effectiveness dimensions. And among the groups, the whole class rated their cohort team as the highest in the “competent team members” dimensions.

Our professor jokingly said that we have either high confidence or low humility but I think this isn’t the case at all. My personal belief is that saying that my team has competent team members speaks about my high regard and admiration for every member of the Fisher graduate programs.

For the moment, I worked with three different teams – my MBA cohort, my Fisher Professional Services ProjectOne team, and P&G Case competition team.

Every encounter with MBA cohort team is an opportunity for me to learn – whether with business and class-related issues and other interests they might have. Every project is a chance to pick on their brains and work with their ideas and mine. Every meeting to make our Accounting Financial Statement Analysis case assignment is hours of preparation for me only to arrive at an answer which is not necessarily correct (as shown by my teams calculations).

Secondly, my ProjectOne team. When I got my project assignment, I had honestly no idea what half of the words of the project brief meant. Project 1.3 is/was very ambiguous. We felt we were trying to maneuver in total darkness. But once we threw our ideas back and forth, we were able to make light of the situation. I felt that my team helped the rusty wheels in my head whir to extract whatever idea that was hiding in the crevices of my brain.

Lastly, my P&G case competition team. Forming a team for the case competition actually slipped my mind until (almost) the last moment. So, I asked a classmate, who was particularly in demand because she had 7 other people in her list, to consider me as part of one of the teams. I don’t know what her criteria were but I think she did a good job of grouping us. Not only was I intellectually challenged by my team during the 2-day event, I had fun, which was more important.

Again, this is no coincidence. I didn’t happen to just be placed with really smart people because everyone is. I had a great experience with my teams so far. But I hope to be able to work with many others. I may feel dumb each time. But I’ll take that as a chance to develop and learn.