Kid: my thoughts on Mike Hrostoski’s post


  • Yup, I like it. I fit the international description.
  • If Mike offers you a hug, take it. If Mike offers you a Jäger… well, OK, take it (although you should run).
  • There is really no comfort zone for international students here.
  • Well, actually there is when you meet someone like Mike. Not often, though. So the comfort zone is your fault, Mike. Does that mean you should stay away?
  • Domestics: read Mike’s post. Some of us don’t smell quite like you expect… but that’s part of it all!
  • Internationals: don’t forget to use deodorant.

Mike: no matter where in this planet a person is from, it’s hard to come across people like you.

Cut us mortals some slack, please.

And thank you for sharing your thoughts.

So there.

“Make us fight on the hill in the early day…” — Metallica

One thought on “Kid: my thoughts on Mike Hrostoski’s post”

  1. I agree.
    Mike is one of the nicest and coolest person I have met.
    It is my honor and privilege to have met you; you are an inspiration for many like me!

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