It is that time of year again, yeah, you guessed it- pumpkin time! Pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, Little Debbie pumpkin cakes, pumpkin flavored Hershey Kisses, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin fudge, pumpkin coffee creamer, pumpkin scones, and pumpkin muffins. I realize  I just sounded like Bubba from Forrest Gump, but seriously- it is the one time of year I get to enjoy the deliciousness that is pumpkin. Pumpkin is very healthy for you, especially when not prepared in all of the aforementioned ways. It is a significant source of Vitamin A, and is a decent source of fiber and potassium. You can buy the stuff in a can year round’, but it’s just not the same when the leaves are green and it is 95 degrees outside! Pumpkin just tastes better when the leaves are turning colors and falling to the ground and there is a slight chill in the air.

I also love carving pumpkins- here is a picture of Shawn’s 1st Annual Pumpkin Carving Challenge:


The pumpkin on the right was my lame attempt at an intricate Ohio State emblem- turns out when they tell you where to cut first, you should listen. After carving “State”, the top and the bottom of the “S” just broke off and it looked horrible- so I thought I would just cut a huge mouth with little eyes. The pumpkin on the left was designed and sculpted by my best friend. She obviously knows the art of pumpkin carving better than me and that is why she won Shawn’s 1st Annual Pumpkin Carving Challenge, in case you were wondering. Bonus points were given for the top of her pumpkin having an intricate design, mine was just a circle. Basically, she won by a landslide. Maybe next year I will step up my game and carve Ohio Stadium.