Highly Recommend

I’ve got to put these thoughts down before I get my quiz back from the AMIS 824 class this afternoon.

Random thoughts have been coming into mind since I started preparing for last Thursday’s quiz. When I took out my notes, I realized the pages had been quietly stacked up. It was only three weeks after the quarter began! Exactly as Henry mentioned in his blog before, this class is so intensive, where I usually have five to seven pages of notes for each session.

Interesting enough, however, I couldn’t help laughing when I studied for the quiz. Dave’s (the professor) smart jokes kept popping up as I moved from topics to topics. His straight-forward and funny teaching style has marked the important concepts and theories in my mind (This is great. Saved me a lot of time on trying to remember what has been taught). Flashed back to all the previous class sessions in 824, I really think I enjoyed the class though I always struggled to put down as much as I could on notes while still keeping up with where Dave was heading into. I also like the way Dave guided us to think. Short but to-the-point questions were thrown to us during each class—“what does this mean”, “What happened in the world on their balance sheet date”, “are these really as good as they sound”, etc. I still remember when he asked the limitation of a company’s 12-31-2008 financial statement. Instead of pointing his answer out, he asked “who was the President on that date, and who is now” and “which bowl game did Ohio State play after that date”. (The answer is “timing matters”, FYI) Dave always urged us to think outside of the box and avoid “hugging” the printed data too much. In his class, I always wish I could have read more books, more newspapers, watched more movies, and paid more attentions on everything in the world.

So, taking AMIS 824 is very similar to watching football games at home, in my opinion. The game is intensive, but that’s what makes the game enjoyable. Knowing more about various things and being able to answer the trivia questions (like those usually pop up on the screen during a game) definitely add more fun to the experience.

And, the reason why I have to put these thoughts down before I get the quiz back is that, I don’t want the score of my quiz negatively affect my words here. Hopefully not!

PS: Here’s the credit to Henry’s previous entry about AMIS 824. Check it out for more information! =)