My Busy Schedule

One of the main reasons for choosing to come to Fisher was to have the opportunity to take advantage of everything that both the city of Columbus and OSU have to offer.  Therefore, I tried to align my schedule as best as possible to have free time to participate in all of the opportunities presented to Fisher students.

My class schedule seems relatively easy at first glance—3 classes running from 1:30- 8:00 pm on Monday and Wednesday, with a night class on Thursday from 6-10. However, with all of the team meetings, interviews, prenights (social networking events generally held the night before the interviews), homework, preparing for interviews, traveling to offices for second interviews, and more interviews; that has left me with very little time outside of the 6 hours of sleep that I prefer every night.  A sampling of my schedule looks like this:

8:00–rise & shine (get ready for a long day)

9:00—head to school (5 minute commute, 20 minutes to find a parking space)

9:30—A group meeting (4 classes + 4 groups= lots of group meetings)

10:30—Interview (30- 45 minutes seems to be standard for on-campus interviews)

11:30—Interview #2 (Yes, it is common to have 2 interviews a day)

12:30—Lunch (Packed and kept in my locker… generally eat in business lounge)

1:30—Professional Research in Accounting

3:30—Business Negotiations

5:30— Supper (Also packed and kept in my locker… generally eat in business lounge)

6:00—Financial Management II

8:00—workout at the RPAC

10:00—arrive home


1:00—prepare for the next day’s interview(s)

2:00—lights out