The Search for the Missing Wallet

October 2 was supposed to be a ‘slow news day’ for me. Because I did not sign up for any of the events of the day, I decided to just work and then attend the Accounting review session. If I only knew that things would become more complicated.

Because the review finished early, I decided to head to the bank to deposit something. But when I opened my bag, my wallet was missing. My stomach lurched. I dumped all my things out. It wasn’t there. I searched under the table and seats. Nada!

I immediately ran out of the room and back to Mason Hall (I am a student assistant with EdTech). I frantically searched there. My wallet wasn’t there either. I remembered that I went through the tunnel which connected Mason and Gerlach at lunch. It still wasn’t there.

I ran back to the classroom again, hoping that the wallet was there and I just missed it. Nope!

Search and rescue was over! I had to cancel my cards. I needed internet. Because my BuckID (OSU ID) was also in my wallet, I could not get in to the computer lab. I decided to go to the Graduate Programs Office (GPO) and ask for help. I knew I needed to go to Alisa.

Alisa McMahon is the Information Associate at GPO and the ‘mom’ to Fisher graduate students. She is amazing! You would not meet a kinder and more caring person. Before that moment, ‘hi and hello’ were the only words I ever spoke with her but she got out of her way to help me. First step was to calm my panicked state. Then, she helped me get the information I needed to do what I needed to do (i.e. cancel my cards and ID).

Fast forward to Sunday morning, I woke up to a Facebook friend request and message from an unfamiliar name – Latoya Sanderson. She found my wallet! She is a Consumer and Family Financial Services student at OSU and had an Accounting class at Fisher. She found my wallet lying on the ground. Turns out, I was being careless. The wallet must have jumped out of my bag.

My story has a happy ending – thanks to great people (and my personal heroes) in Fisher and the Ohio State University. Thank you Alisa and Latoya! I pray that God shower you with more blessings and love.

A special mention goes to Facebook! I will never call you a timewaster. Never again! 😀