They asked me – “how can we help you ?”

The whole community of Fisher is very supportive and encouraging. The first three weeks were an orientation period where we got a dash of Fisher.

The moment I entered into the campus, I felt like family. In the classes, in the elevator, in the library everywhere there is someone reaching out to help. Everyday is a new and exciting day and miracles can happen anywhere around ‘Fisher’.


Organizational Learning

There are world-class scholars who teach, research, and consult with companies around the globe.I am so impressed by their depth of knowledge. They can inspire best practices in management by connecting the dots from Chris Argyris to Dr Suess and making it extremely lucid and natural.

Fisher alumni are  spanning industries and functions throughout the world—effective leaders from all walks of life who can network, advise, and guide us throughout life.

In the orientation session , we met so many smart people. CEO of billion dollar companies, Finance Professionals, Marketing managers, Operations specialists,entrepreneurs and so many practicing business leaders. We got hands on practical insights from different industry.


My classmates are amazing people. They are the best of the best but still they are so easy and humble. They have stories from their life that can lift the dead from the grave and help them live life full throttle.They are the 24/7 , free, trustworthy, powerful support system. The above group picture was taken during  the Summit Vision Outdoor Adventure where we were taken into the woods and were exposed to various challenges. We conquered these obstacles in teams and in the process learned from one another. It was truly fun.

In the orientation period, we were also introduced to the Fisher’s capable and ever-reaching Career Management Team. They know their job well. They work with the candidates regularly to equip them with the necessary skills to make the difference.

DSC02738Housed in Gerlach Hall on the Fisher campus, there is a artwork called ‘People Go to Work‘ by Ruth King. It  symbolizes what we at Fisher believe—that one can successfully wear many hats during one’s career. Daringly, the hat that I am dreaming of is a bit stretched for my head, but I am sure that by the time I come out of this program, Fisher will equip me to handle it brilliantly.