I hate textbooks!!!

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I was hoping I could hold off on complaints until at least day one of class, but come on, textbooks, come on.

Do you really have to cost $60 plus? And by $60 plus I really mean at least $90? Does there have to be at least two of you and then a Uniprint course packet on top of you? Not to mention the bottom-of-the-line cheap-kid WC parking pass that I bought for $80 and is only good for parking after happy hour?

I once had a class called Managerial Accounting where the textbook was optional and also available at the library. True story!

Professors, publishers, library book buyers…how do we get more of these books in the library? I’m not trying to kid anyone – I may be a “Working Professional,” but truth is, mama left her full-time job last spring and a girl needs a break!

I’ve been working in publishing for the last five years so I’m on to you “new editions.” Don’t play. Most students will most likely pay full retail price but all I’m asking is for one library copy for those less fortunate. (Me).

What does everybody think? Have textbook prices been making you max out your Discover and cry since dorm days? Do you know of any good websites to get cheap ones?

While you’re thinking, take a look at a picture of my cat on top of my Financial Accounting textbook from this summer. This one was worth it…it doubles as a learning tool and sleep aid for humans AND felines!


6 thoughts on “I hate textbooks!!!”

  1. Chegg.com (You can rent the books instead of shelling out all that moolah to buy something you probably won’t even read… and I bet your cat won’t even notice that it’s a rental)

  2. Be sure to check out the publishers’ websites as well. I was pleasantly surprised when I found that my tax textbook (brand new coz it’s new edition) is $25 cheaper and even $40 cheaper than most other online retailers.

    Another tip that I discovered by chance, as soon as the book list for the quarter is out, is to compare the publisher’s MSRP and the OSU bookstore’s price. It turned out that one of my textbooks was listed $25 cheaper in the bookstore so I placed an order before they even had it in stock. Later when the book arrived, the bookstore probably realized the pricing discrepancy and marked it up another $20. So there, instant $45 savings for me.

    Last but not least, loose-leaf editions. Personally I’m not a huge fan because I tend to stuff many things in my backpack and they get crushed and/or torn. But from what I’ve noticed these are at about 50-65% of their hardcover counterpart.

  3. Thanks guys! I never knew you could rent textbooks. Thanks Maria! And Henry – loose-leaf editions? I’ve never heard of such a thing! Where can I get these?

  4. I usually buy used ones from amazon .
    This is the first time I heard of teh loose leaf-editions.Where can I find those?

  5. Wow, may I say that that is one FINE-looking cat??

    I rented my textbooks this semester! I saved a ton of money, even over the price of buying them all used, but I’ve found two downsides so far — the first is that you can’t highlight (which can be good if you are a dedicated student and so instead take notes — which is what I did for the first week — but bad if ultimately you are lazy like me and instead just end up not doing the readings). Secondly, all of my books came to me new, Chegg had them sent to me from Amazon, and the paperback ones are getting pretty beaten up just by being in my bag (since I don’t actually read them or anything). So I’m nervous about what they consider normal wear and tear and if I will end up being charged for them ultimately (and they of course still cost $40+)…

    So yes I am with you on the ridiculousness of the prices… I think it’s kind of like the wedding industry — they charge that much because they know people will pay it…

    I like your blog, keep up the good work!


  6. Ha ha, great comparison, BAM. Textbooks are exactly like bridesmaids’ dresses. The people who make you buy them SWEAR you can use them again but you know that’s a scam! Unless you’re willing to cut it to shreds and wear it as a joke — the dress, that is — but that’s another story. =)

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