Road trip to Scotland

It has been two weeks IMG-20150525-WA0000since the start of our project at CVG Northampton. While the project has been exciting, we have also been eagerly looking forward to the weekends. This weekend we decided to visit Edinburgh. The problem, however, was deciding how to get there – take a train or a flight. In the end we decided to drive up the coastline until we reached Scotland!

On hindsight, it was the best decision ever! The landscape was picturesque to say the least and was interspersed by quick peeks of the ocean. In fact, if one watches eagerly, one can actually notice subtle differences between the landscape and view of the English countryside and the Scottish ones. My opinion – Scottish ones are way better!

The names of the places were also really strange, and we had a good laugh about them. Longframelington, Alnmouth Shilbottle, Eyemouth and a few others really amused us. Also, every fifteen minutes Nishant would ask, “How long until we get there?” In fact, one time he thought we had been driving for at least an hour and half when it had only been 20 minutes! With such long road trips (seven hours) it is important to find laughter in the small things!

Once we reached Edinburgh, it was everything that we had hoped for and more! I have no doubts in my mind that Edinburgh is my favorite of all cities that I have ever visited.

Guys, We Might Die Tonight

There were many things we planned for heading into the GAP program: dealing with a language barrier, powering through brainstorming sessions at odd hours of the morning, trying out new cuisine, and building great rapport with our client.

But nothing could prepare us for this. Guys, we might die tonight.

I write this message from my phone in a bedroom on the upstairs floor of a random family’s home. How did I end up here, along with Sruti and Brian, you ask?

In an effort to beat traffic and knock out the four-hour drive before our 1:00PM meeting in Hannover tomorrow morning, we decided to make the trek up this afternoon. After adopting a lexicographical approach (#thanksmatta) by lowest price towards our living quarters for the night, we landed two sweet $90 apartments just outside of town. When we “checked in” this evening, we found out that the “apartments” were really one apartment and two rooms in a separate house across town.

In my mind, Natalie, Tim, and Devin are basically staying at the Ritz. We, on the other hand, are staying with a random family that doesn’t speak English, already mocked us in front of the neighbors, and is sleeping in the next room over. Brian and I have adopted the buddy system in one room and Sruti is left to fend for herself in the other room. Sorry Sruti.

This night ends in one of three ways:

  1. We wake up tomorrow like nothing happened and after a night of crying ourselves to sleep, arrive at our 1:00 meeting in one piece
  2. We befriend the nicest German family of all time and enjoy a hearty breakfast with them
  3. They turn Brian’s ribcage into a lampshade, wear my skin around like the guy from Men in Black, and feed Sruti to their dog. BTW, the dog is also mean

My money is on #3. I’d upload pictures so that the authorities know where we are but our host family’s WiFi password doesn’t work and we’re too scared to ask them for help for a third time.

If we survive, we’ll post a picture in the morning. If not, thank you for your loyal readership and best of luck on your 2015 GAP Project!