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T-48 hours. As we come to the end of our GAP project, we are all working at a frenetic pace, cleaning numerous spreadsheets and analyzing large volumes of data. Eric and his computer are in a show down as to which one will overheat and blow a fuse first.
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Amsterdam is an amazing city. For me, it’s a city full of interesting details.
Ah! The weekend! Time to kick back from all the hard work and research, and spend a Sunday like the Dutch. While one of our teammates was off to Rome to teach the Italians some card games, ye olde empire sent over a couple of blokes to make sure we wouldn’t be relaxing over the weekend.
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To continue on from our “Day in the Life of…” series, this author will be covering the exuberant Miss Coralia Nunez-Velasquez-Martinez-Rodriguez-Guerrero (though she prefers to just go by Coralia).  Today was quite the excursion for Coralia.  She had an early wake up call to make the 8AM bus to the famed Dutch tulip fields.  Did you know that the Dutch currency was so bad at one point in history that tulip bulbs were used as their national currency?!
We finally presented our project and findings to our client! We organized a video conference to show them our research results and recommendations. Overall, we are happy with our project and project outcome and think our client is, too. This project was very complex, and it was a challenging, yet rewarding experience to navigate all of the complexities and factors we needed to analyze. Working on the project reconfirmed to us what business is like in the real world: complicated and messy!