Wonderful Trip in Nanjing and Beijing

This week was amazing! We traveled from Shanghai to Nanjing and then to Beijing. The bullet train in China is FAST; it travels at a speed of 300 km (186 miles) per hour. The train is clean and tidy, and the seats are comfortable. Additionally, the weather has been good on these travels days, and we were able to enjoy the beautiful view of rural areas of China during the trip.

In Nanjing, we stayed at the best hotel – Jinling Hotel. It is located in the center of the city, right above a crossing subway station. For our first dinner in Nanjing, we went to an authentic restaurant which serves extraordinary local food. The salty duck and duck soup are unique to Nanjing and taste delicious. Courageously, Sahil and Vlad even tried the fertilized eggs in which you could see the chicken embryos. The second afternoon after meeting with a contact, we went to Xuanwu Lake. We walked around the lake, enjoying the beautiful view. It was very relaxing. That evening, we went to the Confucius Temple where, during earlier times, people used to study Confucianism and take national exams. Beside the temple, there is a river called “Qin Huai River” known as the cradle of ancient Nanjing. The night view was quite beautiful. Nanjing is famous for its crawfish, so on the third evening in Nanjing, we went to a local restaurant to taste it. Sahil and Nat had never tried crawfish before, but after tasting, they immediately fell in love with it. On the last day in Nanjing, we went to the tallest building in Nanjing and the 7th tallest building in the world– “Zifeng Tower”. We had a few drinks at the bar on the top floor and enjoyed the beautiful sunset. Afterwards, we had a wonderful dinner at “Song He Lou”, a restaurant that serves very authentic and the best Suzhou food.

Our trip in Nanjing was fruitful. We met with one contact who is the distributor of JD and TMall (the two largest B2C online retailers in China). They are interested in doing business with us. Also, we met with Suning, the biggest offline retailer in China. We went to Suning’s HQ located in Nanjing. It’s huge and impressive.

In Beijing, we stayed at Novotel Hotel, the same as the other two teams in China. It’s near Wang Fu Jing, a traditional commercial area in Beijing. On the first night, we went to Hou Hai and Nan Luo Gu Xiang where we ate many local foods and enjoyed the beautiful night view of the old city. Sahil and Nat even tried some fermented bean milk. The taste was very strange to them and the funny looks they gave us after tasting it made us laugh for a while. On our way back, we had an unpleasant experience. When crossing a street (even though we were with a green light), a driver who was making a right turn shouted  “Fxxx You” because we were in his way. It was terrible; I guess rude people are everywhere. On the second day, we had many wonderful (amazing and different) snacks in Fang Fu Jing. Sahil ate scorpion, Vlad some bugs and Xiaoran lots of stinky tofu. That evening, we walked along the wall of the Forbidden City to Tian’anmen Square. The night view was beautiful.

While we didn’t met any contacts in Beijing, we did get in touch with two very important ones at JD and Baozun, which is the biggest brand partner in China. The rest of our time, we stayed in the hotel lobby and worked on our final presentation slides.

The past week was wonderful and the next few days will be even more exciting-  we are going to the Great Wall, the Summer Palace and the Forbidden City!