Last night in Belgium

Finally, it is our last day at Volcano, our last night in Belgium.  It is time to show case what we have been working so hard during the last 10 weeks for.

photo 1

Team gathering before the presentation

photo 3

With our client


Big man nervous before the presentation.

We presented to our client in the afternoon.  It was longer than we expected, taking us more than 2 hours to finish the presentation, including time to answer our client numerous questions.

However, this is not the end yet, since many of the key persons from our client including the CEO, the Operation Chief, the Marketing Manager are at a conference in Paris, they couldn’t join us at this time.  Volcano would like us to present for them one more time through video conference at a later date.

Nevertheless, we have finished our research, produced a good work, it is time for celebration!

rIMG_1765 rIMG_1767

Tomorrow, we will depart in 4 directions: Columbus, London, Milan, and Paris.  Belgium has been a mixed experience, an up and down one, it’s time to say good bye.  Thank you GAP program, and thank you Volcano for all the support!


Crunching the project

Since Monday, our team has been working tirelessly trying to finish the research for the project.  We have had our idea down and know what we would like to show to our client by the end of this week.  The next step is to finalize the structure of the presentation.

IMG_0891 2 IMG_0890 2

Bonus picture of last weekend trip: Taruna and I went to Paris and met with the UK Gap team, Anurag and Deepak there.

on the glass two team together paris

Finally have our limb back again in Belgium

Recap of what happen since our Belgium team last post: we went out for dinner, come back to the apartment, no more laptops and valuable stuffs.  Luckily our passports were still there.  To be safe, we moved out of the apartment, unfortunately, it was the festival week in Brussels so most hotels were booked up, we had to check in 3 different hotels in the past 5 days.

Our project didn’t progressed as planned since we had no laptop and most of our data haven’t been uploaded to our dropbox yet.  What is it like to work without a laptop? I could have thought of many quirky examples but one of my team member stressed it so much that I couldn’t think of anything else but “limb”, without a laptop is like “without a limb in MY body”.  I must have heard this word no less that 50 times in the past week.

Our client, Volcano, has been a great help throughout the process, they provided us with 2 laptops to use temporarily and helped with the hotel booking through their corporate connection.  Fisher has also worked hard trying to get us back on track with our project by sending us three loaner laptop from the IT department.  Finally today is the first day that we all get our “limb” back together.

Our pictures are in limbo state now, we try to get it back from all sources of online locations.  I have some on my phone but they are too big for the limit of our blog and I don’t have my usual tool in my borrowed laptop to resize, so just enjoy the text for now 😛

First day in Brussels

Our first day in Brussels went with a lot of surprises, annoying, and fun.  Taruna and I was the first to arrive at Brussels at 7am, then Cal and Aaron arrived 2 hours later.  Burouj will come on Saturday morning, and hopefully Olamide can resolve the issue with the Visa fast, god know we need our master chef here.

All 4 of our team today could hardly sleep during our flight from USA to Belgium, we were technically zombie walking around, and just want to go home to take a nap right away.  Just when you think everything was ready, let just take our rented car at the airport and go home, the “let just” part didn’t happen.  You would think the queue of 4 people to take the rented car is nothing, it shouldn’t even compare to our line of 50 persons at the custom checking.  But nope, I don’t know what kind of salary they paid these people, but they took forever to even move 1 person.  It took 40 minutes before it was our turn, and it took another 40 minutes for Cal and Aaron to “chat” with this 20+ years old agent girl before we could finally get out.  The company next to us is none better, I felt bad for the 3 ladies standing on that booth as well.  The agency guy on that company didn’t even look up to talk to the ladies, he just “concentrate” intently on the computer screen for… may be an hour.  At least our girl talk to Cal, if Cal didn’t desperately try to get her phone number or give her his namecard, maybe we could have got it sooner.  At one point, Taruna and I even made a bet to see between our girl and the agency guy, who will finish renting out the car first.


The other company

Our line

Our line

So expensive

Everything is so expensive here in Bruseels, oh, and no fountain water!  Viva America!


Our sweet ride

The city of Brussels is quite nice, beautiful green trees along the high way, the road is much better than America.  Downtown Brussels are much more crowded and the road is narrower, it makes sense why most of the car here is small.

IMG_0453_resize IMG_0463_resize

When we got to our building, it stroked us with a hilarious surprise. The elevator is so small and literally made to hold 3 people maximum.  When Aaron, Cal, and I tried to get into it together, Aaron’s butt pressed on all the buttons.




The apartment is a totally different experience, it’s spacious!  The living room is really nice, we could definitely throw a party with 20 people here.  The ladies get the master bedroom.  Cal and I share one, and for now Aaron is the lucky dude with the single room for himself, until Olamide comes!

IMG_0472_resize IMG_0476_resize IMG_0477_resize

The bathroom, however, threw us another curve ball just like the elevator.  In our bedroom, we have the window with the shade on, but not in our bathroom, and the window in our bathroom is not high either, it is at the upper half body level, so outsiders could totally see us take the shower!  And outside our bathroom’s window is millions of other window opposite the street.   Our bathroom has the both the bathtub and the standing shower separately.  The standing shower is hidden behind the wall of the bathtub so since I refused to be videotaped taking shower and put on youtube, my only choice is the standing shower.  But the standing shower has no glass door!  So anyone taking the shower in there would spray up the entire bathroom floor, a fact that I learned too late.  Even the bathtub only has half of the glass covered!  What is wrong with this bathroom!  Nevertheless, after the mess that I made in the bathroom, Cal and Aaron decided to be brave and take a shower in the bathtub to show off their meat to all the ladies in Brussels.

IMG_0482_resize  IMG_0489_resize

Lunch in the street.

To end our night, we had a dinner at a cozy place with each a Chimay bottle.

IMG_0496_resize IMG_0498_resize IMG_0500_resize IMG_0502_resize