As we celebrate an awesome final presentation delivered with grace to MES, we want to take the opportunity to thank our client and hosts: Hiten, Heena and Nipul for making our stay in India as pleasant as possible, for the opportunity of studying their business model and learning how business is being conducted in this part of the world. We have learned a lot in these three weeks and we couldn’t have had a better client.
Here is a little something Hiten, the CEO has prepared for his “F” Team. “F” as in Fisher!!!!Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 1.06.44 AM


I had to post this because we have found out an amazing thing about Ean. Actually two.
The first is that he is a robot: he does not sweat on a 100 degrees temperature and can make elevators run when nobody can. The second, is that he has an unique talent for selfies: he can take a selfie with a group of 100 people if he so wants and everyone will be in the picture (weather they like it or not). Here are some examples. He has however trouble taking pictures of more… moving subjects such as the cows in the streets. It took many attempts for a lucky few.






Culinary experiences part 1

In India people are divided into vegetarians and non-vegetarians, and being in the last category kinda…. Sucks! Not only the restaurants are vegetarian but people would not eat vegetarian food in a restaurant that cooks meat. You never know, a sausage might have exploded in the kitchen at one point in time.

Our task of finding food is even harder with Amanda’s 1001 allergies.

Looking for meat we found this nice restaurant where a pre-monsoon torrential rain caught us and eventually left us in the dark, dining under iPhone flashlight. Internet worked though!

I was so excited at the thought of having an Indian hamburger (vada pav) only to discover that it’s …. vegetarian.

the next treat was a typical sweet (peda). Good by vegetarian or non-vegetarian standards.

Last but not least, worth mentioning, the awesome Kingfisher beer and a weird non-alcoholic blue sparkly drink.

image image image image

Famous in Mumbai

Never have I enjoyed so much popularity as in Mumbai, just for being…. WHITE. People crowded up to take pictures with me much to Kingshuk’s despair. Now I know what the Pope and politicians feel like when they are handed babies to kiss. Creeeeeepy!!!

However, now that the two exotic beauties (blond Ashley and red-haired Amanda) have joined us, I fear my days are counted, my short career over. I guess I should stop practicing signing autographs.

Kingshuk, as a worthy MBA student has already thought of a good business model where he can charge 50Rp per picture and showcase us around India’s most crowded places. 0 Capex and fixed costs.

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