Hitting the Ground Running

Today was our first official day at the Volcano HQ site in Brussels. We were ready to get to work!

Entering Volcano HQ
Entering Volcano HQ

They had a special welcome for us inside.

OSU Welcome!


I was happy to be the official photographer, but the team insisted I be in at least one picture:


Everyone at Volcano was fantastic; they set us up with everything we needed, including a HUGE conference room for us to work in.

team room

We were very excited to get to work, and were warmly welcomed by all. Our client gave us an overview of the company as well as a tour, so we got to meet the very internationally-diverse (and super friendly!) Volcano Europe team – in addition to Brussels, we met people from Netherlands, France, Indonesia, Venezuela, Germany, Lebanon, Jordan and others!

After a hard day at work, we headed back to the apartment, only to face the Brussels afternoon traffic. Can you spot how many red lights are in the picture? Yes, they were as endless as they looked!


After parking the car and changing into more comfortable attire, we headed out for a walk to find someplace to eat and found this!



In case you missed the sign, here’s a close up:


There was no one there for us to try to see if Professor Dial’s divulgence of the MBA handshake of Crown, Cork and Seal would gain us entry into the club.

It was a great first day at Volcano and we had fun exploring in Brussels afterward. Now if only we could get over this jet lag…