Frequently Asked Questions - Global Projects

Below are the most frequently asked questions with regards to Global Projects sourced by Fisher's Global Consulting Firm:

Q: What is the Fisher’s Global Consulting Firm?

A: Fisher’s Global Consulting Firm is an opportunity for undergraduate students to consult for a company or organization abroad. The Office of Global Business is the managing director of the Fisher’s Global Consulting Firm and works to source projects for students to consult on.

Q: What type of global projects can I apply to consult on?

A: There are 2 types of global projects: Corporate and Non-Profit.

Q: When is the travel component of the Global Projects?

A: May. Corporate travels for 4 weeks and Non-Profit travels for 2 weeks both from the first Friday in May.

Q: Is this program competitive?

A: Yes, there are only so many consulting projects sourced each year. Each team is made up of 4 or 6 students. Teams are filled on a rolling basis.

Q: Where are the global projects?

A: Each year the locations of the projects change. It is up to the company or organization to select the location that will be most beneficial to the consulting project. For the most updated information please see the website.

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