Top 5 – A Little Old, A Little New

Kirk Nordbusch, 2017 participant in Operations Global Lab, shares photos of his 5 favorite attractions in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Hong Kong and China are rooted in tradition but have experienced massive technological advancements in the last few decades. As such, the main attractions in China include both modern and antique destinations.  Here are my top 5 favorite places to visit in Hong Kong/China.

Lamma Island- Hong Kong:  My favorite location of our trip.  To get to it you must take a ferry.  When you arrive, you will be greeted by an amazing view of tree covered mountains and shoreline.  Walk a few minutes and you’ll be at one of several beautiful white sand beaches.  The seafood there is also amazing!  (Sadly, there are no llamas on Lamma island).

Victoria Peak- Hong Kong: Victoria Peak is the tallest mountain in Hong Kong.  To get up to it, you take a Peak Tram, which is essentially like a bus on rails.  Once you reach the top you have a fantastic view of the city below.

Tian Tan Buddha- Ngong Ping, Lantau Island, Hong Kong: The tallest sitting Buddha in the world.  Weighing 250 tons at 112 twelve feet, made entirely of bronze.  Pictures don’t do it justice.  This statue is huge!

The Bund- Shanghai, China:  probably the most famous view in Shanghai, the Bund is a waterfront area along the Huangpu River.  The pointed building is the Oriental Pearl tower, which is lit up at night in rotating colors. As you can see in my photos, it’s worth it to see at night!

Humble Administrator’s Garden-Suzhou, China:  This was initially a private garden of a former government servant named Wang Xianchen.  It contains a variety of beautiful plants, trees, and buildings to see, all situated around a large pound that stretches through the entire garden.  My favorite part of the garden is in the far back portion, where there is a designated area just for tiny trees. 

Kirk Nordbusch

Kirk Nordbusch is from Cleveland, Ohio. In May 2017, he took part in Fisher's Operations Global Lab. Kirk graduated from Ohio State in August 2017, having majored in international business.