My EIP Experience

When I first heard about the Ohio Export Internship Program (OEIP), I was immediately interested. Learning how to export and be a valuable asset to a business was exactly what I wanted out of my first internship. I applied immediately to be a part of the OEIP Class of 2017.

Once I was accepted, I began eagerly looking forward not only to the internship but also to the classroom aspect of the program. The class, which focused on making the student the teacher, was unlike anything I have experienced in college. It was challenging being the one to have to prepare a lecture along with three other students from three different universities in the Columbus area. However, with the challenge came the reward of acquiring a mastery over the material and getting to know my colleagues in a deeper sense than I have in group projects for other classes.

In fact, the relationships I’ve made have been one of the most beneficial aspects of OEIP. Between case groups, lecture group, and the final project group I was able to connect with classmates and other professionals in the exporting field more so than any other class I’ve taken while at Ohio State. By getting to know other people through working on projects with them, I was able to learn more about exporting because each person was intelligent and had different ideas to bring to the table.

The things I learned and the people I met in class proved extremely helpful during my time at The Pipeline Development Company (PLIDCO) in Westlake, OH. Almost as soon as I got there, I had to be the expert on things such as export compliance and INCO terms, which I wouldn’t of been able to do without relying on some of the contacts I made in class.

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