Work, Travel, Repeat

Grace Schneider explains why she is grateful to have lived, worked, and traveled in Madrid Spain during the Summer Global Internship Program.

Who ever said work has to be boring? This past eight weeks I have lived, worked, and traveled in Spain and around across Europe while having the time of my life! Madrid, a city that I now consider a home, is described as, “a city of elegant boulevards and expansive, manicured parks.” But I came to realize it is much much more than that. It’s a city with embedded with centuries of exciting history, architecture characterized by symmetry and elaborate exterior, and we can’t forget it is home to football club giant Real Madrid. But even in this short blog post I can’t explain the love that has developed for the people and culture of Spain.

I worked in the Human Resources department for the company Aegon Seguros, a financial services company. Here I was welcomed with open arms by amazing co-workers that I can now call friends that quickly made me feel a part of the team.

In these eight weeks I helped create, collect, and organize employee variable compensation information. I also had a chance to take part in an EVP (employee value proposition) video for the company. In this video we promoted the company culture and environment in hopes of attracting a wider and more diverse selection of candidates and applicants for positions in the company. With many other projects, I learned to see all aspects of the HR department, but also the interconnectedness of all the departments. As a marketing major, I was thrilled to be involved with the EVP video and the opportunity to work with the marketing and communciations departments.

Overall, this experience allowed me to grow both professionally and personally. I traveled to Valencia, Toledo, Barcelona (Spain), Budapest (Hungary), Munich (Germany), Porto and Lisbon (Portugal), Rome and Florence (Italy), Dublin (Ireland), Dusseldorf (Germany), and ended my trip in Paris (France). I loved every second of this trip and I couldn’t be more grateful to have lived, worked, and traveled a little bit more of our awesome world.

Grace Schneider

Grace Schneider is a third-year Marketing student at Fisher College of Business. As a 2017 participant of the Summer Global Internship Program, Grace spent her summer in Madrid, Spain, where she interned at Aegon Seguros. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, she had the amazing opportunity to live in Dusseldorf, Germany from the ages of 6-9.