Final London Project Update

We find ourselves at a very comfortable position moving into Week 3 having accomplished our goals of conducting the focus group surveys, hitting the target goal of 1000 respondents via Qualtrics online survey and also performing the shipping study as requested by the client. We most certainly realized entering Week 3 that now is the time for the required data analysis on the information gathered through our market research (both Primary and Secondary) in order to generate insights and recommendations for our presentation. We have established really good co-ordination among our teammates, and this has helped us significantly in putting in longer hours or scheduling meeting/work times with everyone.

Based on each other’s strengths and weaknesses, we divided the group between presentation work and the data analysis piece which needed to be done as part of our final deliverable. The shipping study is also being conducted and compiled simultaneously. We aimed at providing several revisions of the presentation to the client, as well as our Faculty advisor Prof. Gray, and were able to do the same. We received several valuable insights on our presentation drafts from both the Client and Prof. Gray on both versions of our draft presentation. (We sent two versions of the draft presentation before finalizing it.)

We gleaned some really great insights that we realized were not exactly part of our statement of work; however, after speaking with Prof. Gray, we learned that it is always good to "over-deliver". Therefore, we will be providing the client with the bonus insights about returns and customer preferences. We decided as team that the most convincing presentation and recommendation must backed up by real data. Therefore, our presentation has been designed to keep strong balance between the quantitative and qualitative analysis of the eCommerce apparel industry in the UK.

We will be presenting our findings to the leadership at Abercrombie in their Headquarters on May 31st. This is a very valuable opportunity for us and we are very excited about it, especially as we are passionate about the market research we did in the UK and have spent hours among ourselves to discuss, analyze and sketch the recommendations that can be most valuable to the client in the long run.

We are planning to meet next week on Monday (May 29th) to further refine and practice our presentation delivery before the main presentation on Tuesday (May 31st). In addition to the presentation, we will also be providing a packet including our insights on each Focus Group performed in country, raw as well as analyzed data analysis of the online survey results and the shipping study folder (containing excel spreadsheet of shipping study insights and images taken of the packages received with each order as per the guidelines provided by the client).

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