Final Countdown – Presentation Week

It’s hard to believe that three weeks have come and gone.  This last week in country at Barclays in Botswana has been full and exciting.  We have been working hard to pull together our findings and recommendations into a deliverable that can be left with the client so they can begin to implement some of our recommendations.  In the first few days of this week, we held meetings with several stakeholders to review our findings and recommendations with them in order to build buy-in and to correct any assumptions or add information that we may have missed.  These were great sessions.  While there was not always perfect agreement, we received lots of great feedback that helped us craft our final recommendations and presentation.

By Wednesday night, we had finalized all of our materials and began preparing for our final presentations.  Thursday, we printed handouts and reports with our findings and recommendations.  On Thursday afternoon, we were given a great opportunity to meet with Managing Director, Reinette van der Merwe, to discuss some of our findings and recommendations.  We were very pleased that she seemed excited by our work.

On Friday morning, we presented our work to the entire Corporate Management Committee.  We all had our own sections of the presentation, and worked to perfect our storylines.  The committee was very impressed by our findings and recommendations, and it sparked some great discussion in the Q&A portion of the presentation.  We are very optimistic that our work will lead to some exciting improvements at Barclays Bank of Botswana.

On Friday afternoon, we also had a community outreach event where young people from Botswana came to meet with us and ask questions about how to pursue careers in business.  Our team shared our professional experiences and stories for how we came to study at Fisher.  Following this event, we had a reception where we had one-on-one conversations with the youths who came to the event.  The young people in Botswana are very driven and want to be successful.  It was inspiring to see so many of them working towards their dreams to pursue opportunities in business. Botswana surely has a bright future!

This GAP project in Botswana was an awesome experience. We've had the great opportunity to work with some wonderful people. We had incredible students from the University of Botswana on our team and so appreciate having had the chance to work with them.  Our project manager on the client side, Thandi, has been supportive and given us all the resources we needed to complete this project.  Finally, it has been a fabulous experience working with Jeff Davis, a Fisher alum and the executive in charge of the project.

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