Week Two at Barclays

We continued our work in the conference room this week, engaged with several more shareholders, including meeting with staff from HR and legal, and attended a new business committee meeting. We also had the opportunity to meet with Reinette van der Merwe, Managing Director of Bank of Barclays, Botswana. She was eager to meet with us and learn about our backgrounds and our project, and she was kind enough to provide us with her own insights and guidance. All the stakeholder interviews have given us a better understanding of the loan process here and offered ideas of where there is room for improvement.

This week, we progressed through finalizing our data analysis and compiling and prioritizing our recommendations for the future state.  During these past few weeks, our faculty advisor, Professor Pennington, has given us feedback on our work and helped to keep us on track. Next week, we will move into the final rounds of stakeholder engagement as we prepare to present our official findings. We have also benefited from leveraging knowledge of members of the Center for Operational Excellence for best practices in the US banking industry as well as internal knowledge from Barclays Bank to provide recommendations (and associated costs).

As the week comes to a close, we have begun compiling our presentation and are looking forward to interacting with key stakeholders next week to test our assumptions and recommendations before our final presentation next week.

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