First Week at Barclays Botswana

We are now in day five of being on site with Barclays Bank for continued work on Project Firefly in Gaborone, Botswana. The week has gone by very fast at times, with lots of information being gathered through meetings with many of our new colleagues at the bank. We are on track with our timeline, and our client is content with our progress thus far.

We have been given a ‘war room’ which we have fully dedicated to our process. We have posted the current-state process flow, as well as the value stream map on the walls, and walked our colleagues through it. This exchange was both useful and enlightening, as we found that we had misunderstood a few steps from our conversations when still in Columbus.

Week one will culminate with the end of our discovery phase. We are in the process of conducting research that will provide us a basis for understanding why the loan process is not as efficient as it could be. We have interviewed many of the responsible units (R/Us) who manage the process for a few reasons: to ensure the flow was correctly tracked, to gain insight into the biggest areas for improvement and finally to identify best practices both internally and observed across the industry. These interviews have been very valuable, particularly when the R/Us have been very frank and honest about the areas for improvement within their roles.

Additionally, we engaged multiple R/Us in group interviews, which has been both entertaining and insightful as the groups were given the opportunity to discuss ways to improve instead of constantly blaming their counterparts, most of whom were in the room.

We are struggling with the provided data that we need to analyze in order to develop our solutions. The points in the time, the volume, and accuracy of the data are all challenging our ability to provide a quantitative assessment essential to leveraging our recommendations.



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