Finding Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster :)

Who would have thought that we would get a chance to relish the incomparable scenic beauty of Loch Ness, a large deep freshwater lake in the Scottish Highlands? Of course, we found Nessie- the Loch Ness Monster:) and a popular figure in folklore. No matter how high a resolution camera you use to take photos of this unique landscape, the photos cannot justify the views that a human eye can see.

The beauty of Loch Ness

Now you must be wondering, why Loch Ness is so famous. Loch Ness was created millions of years ago when the underlying tectonic plates collided. The evolution happened in such a way that the trapped salt water was transformed into fresh water over the course of time and the sea-now-lake creatures adapted to the new environment. In fact, the cruise guide (who was the best presenter I have seen in my life) told us that there is more water in Loch Ness than all the lakes of the UK and Thames River combined! The water maintains a 5 degree temperature throughout the seasons because of the peculiar geological properties and the density is very low. Translation: the chances of your survival in Loch Ness if you happen to fall off the cruise is next to none. For more details about Loch Ness, you visit: The Loch Ness monster is equally famous. If you want to resolve your curiosity and hear more about Nessie, go to

Our team enjoyed a lot at this wonderful site, and we appreciated that we got a one in a lifetime chance to visit this place. And, did we take our photos here, yes, plenty, have a look:

Loch Ness and the Team


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