A weekend in the Backwaters

The BackwatersBackwaters

Over the last three weeks, we have traveled to seven different cities in India. We have seen the cultural differences between north India and south India and large cities and rural cities/villages. Seeing the differences in cities, people, food and culture has been surprising, educational and fun. Seeing the cultural differences of India has increased my appreciation of the cultural differences in the US and the differences between people from around the world.

This past weekend we traveled to the state of Kerela, famously known for the "backwaters". The closest thing I can compare the backwaters to is the inter-coastal waterway of Florida or the Florida Everglades.  We explored the backwaters via houseboat where we had lunch, relaxed on the outdoor patio of the house boat and enjoyed the beautiful views. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we only had four hours on the boat. The following day, we saw a different part of Kerela where we explored the wilderness, and saw wildlife and road elephants. The weekend in Kerela was filled with beautiful views, wilderness and the relaxing atmosphere that comes with nature.

For anyone who plans to visit India, I would highly recommend going to the backwaters; it is absolutely beautiful. I am not sure if I will ever visit India again, but if I do, I will make sure that I find time to spend a couple of days on a house boat on the backwaters.

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