Three Natural Bridges

Skiles and I set out to find what we felt was the main attraction of western China, nature. It didn’t go quite as we envisioned it though.

After a bit of a circus ordeal with bussing, 3 hour bus ride, questionable lunch, and an unexpected additional tour fee we finally came to the first attraction, Fairy Mountain. The ride up the mountain seemed like there would be some pretty cool scenery once we got out and looked around. However, what we came to was literally just a prairie in a cloud. Also, we brought an empty bottle but were disappointed to find there was no fairy fountain anywhere. It did have a bunch of random cartoon characters and this guy in it though:

Yup, that's a random T-Rex. Skiles braved the water for a better picture but I decided to pass.
Yup, that’s a random T-Rex. You can tell by the tiny arms.

We then continued our tour, which was just a ride in an uncomfortable train thing back to where we started. So for those of you keeping score at home, we’ve spent a moderate sum of money and 6 hours of time to get cold and wet and see an inexplicable T-Rex in a field of grass.

At this point we departed for the second and last attraction of the day, the Three Natural Bridges. Once we got there though, our day instantly took a turn for awesome as we quickly discovered why this area became an UNESCO World Heritage site in 2007.

Our first glimpse before taking an elevator down
Our first glimpse before taking an elevator down


IMG_2386 IMG_2450

Even I'll take a selfie at a place like this.
Even I’ll take a selfie at a place like this.


Skiles' happy face
Skiles’ happy face

It was a breathtaking ~3 mile trail, and needless to say we left pretty pleased with our experience for the day, T-Rex and all.

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  1. I really like this nature shots , these all snaps are very sharp and clear . I would like to travel such kinds of nature bridges . Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures. Keep posting .

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