Lessons at the grocery store

We learned some interesting things at the local Carrefour supermarket this week.


First, according to the USA section, our cuisine consists of 50% beef jerky, accompanied by Betty Crocker Mixes, Pop Tarts, BBQ Sauce and Maple Syrup…  Fairly accurate and representative of the American Diet.  Second, the Mexican section is made up entirely of Old El Paso products which, after extensive research. it was determined that no one in Mexico has ever eaten… ever!


You can then  imagine our surprise when, in a country that prides itself on using  mayonnaise as its condiment of choice for dipping “freedom fries.” we found Tomato Ketchup flavored potato chips in the standard aisle.

In the end, we just played it safe and purchased an obscene amount of chocolate.  Unfortunately, all photographic evidence has been destroyed as certain individuals are not ready to expose their chocoholism to the public.

This message is brought to you by…. a French Keyboard.