Dubai Does Speakeasy. . . Day 18

The UAE team is really struggling here in Dubai . . . dropping left and right.  Certain people we are assuming ate at the wrong shawarma shop . . . enough said, I somehow managed to develop a head cold in 100 degree weather, and now Travis.

During our recent road trip to Oman . . . Travis, Gregg and I decided to venture ashore to check out the views.  I failed to mention that when Travis and I first got out of the water. . . he looks over at me and asks if he is bleeding. . .

It’s all over his face and hands. . . we can’t even discover the source.  He says he’s fine, we brush it off, and continue to move along

Later when Gregg joins, he looks over at Travis,

“Travis there is blood running down your leg. . . “

Another wound . . . Travis remains unaffected. . .

We swim back to the boat and somehow Travis has managed acquire another “scratch”. . . . as he would later reference them to the pharmacist, this was no scratch.

Now, two days later, we are wrapping up the workday and Travis chimes in, very casually

“Hey guys, I think maybe I should have this checked out”

His wound was certainly infected.  Gregg and Travis quickly depart for the hospital. A hospital that was located inside a mall.

mall hosp

. . .a themed mall.

mall hospital

How bizarre

While we wait for the prognosis. . . the rest of the team works to get some things done, I checked in at work and decided to take a run.  Strangely every building here looks the same, and everyday there is new construction dictating that you learn a new route . . . I was lost . . . but the view certainly wasn't bad

run 2

During the day it had hit the team that this is our last week . . .

We decide to head out for the evening and check out a place called the Speakeasy that is located down the street.  Dubai really nailed the 'speakeasy' concept. . .

You walk into this bar, which resembles an irish pub. . . dimly lit, darts, a long bar and several booths

However they have club lighting going crazy in the front of the bar and the Grease montage music video playing on tv? I think they may have missed the mark. . .

We were basically the only people there and despite the extremely awkward surroundings we decided to hang around for the band, with whom we became fast friends. . . leaving our booth in the back for 'front row' seats to the show

They were requesting songs to play and naturally we recommended 'Happy Birthday' for Joey.  While Joey's birthday is not until September. . . today seemed as good as any to celebrate


joe and gree

At this point there were still very few patrons in the bar. . . as such our celebration attracted most of their attention . . . and led to the introduction to a fellow Americano who challenged us to a game of darts

Kate and Gregg vs. Joey and the American


not sure how this happened. . . tied down to the very last shot. . . and Gregg throws for the win.

Of course we were as obnoxious as we could be. . .

We arrived home . . . glad to see Travis does not need to have his foot amputated . . . another great day in Dubai. . . four days left to go


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