Day 18: Let’s Reflect

With only a couple days left in Malaysia, I’ve started thinking a lot about this journey we’ve been on and all the great memories and experiences our team will fly away with. And since I hold so much power as the blogger, I decided it was time to get the rest of the team in a reflective state of mind as well. Over the next couple of days, as our journey here concludes, I will share our team’s thoughts on this adventure we’ve been on together.

First up, some thoughts from our beefy Sam (many a people here have been extremely impressed and intrigued by Sam’s big muscles and extra-firm handshakes):

“The past three weeks here were not only my first visit to Southeast Asia, but also my first experience working in a foreign country.  The supplier visits were a fantastic source of information about manufacturing processes as well as cutting-edge risk mitigation and BCP procedures that have become a vital part of enterprise risk management for companies operating in this region.  It was especially eye-opening to see in detail how events such as the 2011 Thai flood have shaped the ERM strategies for an entire industry.  Outside of our project scope, meeting with friends and contacts in the region for informal discussions such as the business climate of SE Asia, the pros and cons of business travel, and career advice for MBA students was extremely beneficial from a personal growth standpoint.  And finally, the sights, the food, and the people that we as a team were able to experience during our time here are things that I will always remember fondly.”

Sam (he's so strong he can hold up a fish with one hand!)
Sam – look at those arm muscles in action!

Next up, Sam’s roommate and resident ‘sorority squat’ expert, Henry:

“A new destination recalls old dreams, habits, and aspirations. As exams wrapped up and GAP approached, I decided to revisit the goals and hopes I had for myself during my last stint abroad in Paris. My life revolved around thousands of images captured through a camera lens and Sartre for three weeks. During that time I set many expectations for my last year of undergraduate life.

My time in Malaysia, though certainly filled with photographs and favorite authors, has offered a much different perspective. Our project began with an analysis of data and a method for effectively displaying information, but it transformed into many interactions with suppliers and teams from WD. Our insights came not from data, but from direct interaction with teams of people who lived and breathed the data we analyzed. Taking the time to step in front of my lens, that is to actively interact, yielded many insights that allowed our team to succeed. Furthermore, it has helped me to bring together a drive to document and analyze information while acknowledging that successful interaction, and not solely analysis, can bring about extraordinary results.”

Henry – in his famous ‘sorority squat’ on the right.

Stay tuned – more thoughts from the rest of the team to come!