Day 16: Beginning of the End

Today was the beginning of our last work week here in Malaysia. We spent the day visiting our final supplier, where we got to see a very impressive factory floor and learn more about risk management.

The factory was working on all those great principles that are taught in Operations – 7S methodology (they went beyond the standard 5S methodology and added 2 extras), six sigma, lean capabilities – you name it, and there was a board for it. Basically, as the only marketing major amongst a group of operations/supply chain nerds – I got to see faces light up as the classroom came to life right before their eyes! It was a great moment.

Final Supplier Visit
Final Supplier Visit

Looking back on the six suppliers that we visited throughout Malaysia and Singapore, I don’t think our team could have asked for a better experience. Not only have we had the opportunity to speak with and present to top level executives of multi-million dollar companies, but we have also had the chance to see factories in operation and gain a greater understanding of the processes in Southeast Asia and beyond. We are ending our tour of suppliers with a new look on how the supply chain functions, how risk is mitigated, and where the future of the field is going – not bad for a bunch of MBA students from Ohio State!

The rest of the week will be spent gathering our findings and preparing our final presentation – we’re in the home stretch here, people!