Day 14: Catching our Dinner Langkawi Style

Today in Langkawi started like every other day when you’re on an island – with breakfast outside and a trip to the beach. But the afternoon is where it got interesting.

Beach outside our hotel
Beach by our hotel

We are staying at a quaint, 9-room hotel on the island called the Cactus Inn. Out in front is a charming outdoor restaurant, the Cactus Restaurant, where you will find the most hospitable inn and restaurant staff hanging out and chatting with one another and the guests. We have felt so welcome here since the moment we arrived. So when Dan asked if there were places to go fishing, rather than just tell us yes, the innkeeper hooked us up with a discounted boat trip for the afternoon.

Cactus Restaurant & Inn
Cactus Restaurant & Inn – go visit!

So off we went! All six of us piled into a fishing boat with our guide and motored away into the Malaysia ocean, ready to catch some fish and relax in the warm waters. Our first stop was by some islands close by. We put some bait on our fishing lines and lowered them down to the ocean floor (it’s all hand fishing here – pretty cool). Unfortunately, the fish just weren’t biting. Fish-1 GAP team-0.

On our fishing boat for the afternoon!
On our fishing boat for the afternoon!
Dan with hand fishing gear
Dan with his hand fishing gear

But we were on a mission. So off we went to another location and that’s when we started reeling them in. After stopping at six different locations, taking a break at a small beach to swim in the ocean, and then heading back to shore, our team spent 5 hours on the waters and caught a number of different species of fish (including multiple types of grouper, Japanese fish, Catfish, and Kiss fish). In total, we caught over 20 fish for the afternoon – not a bad day’s work!



When the fishing trip was over, our guide handed us a bag of our 10 biggest fish and off we went to the hotel with a bag full of pride. And remember how awesome the staff has been at the Cactus Inn? Well, it got even better because we showed them the fish we caught and they cleaned the fish and then baked and fried them for us to eat for dinner. That’s right – we went out in the Malaysian waters and caught fish in the late afternoon, and then got to eat it for dinner the same night. It was a feast unlike any other!

Team enjoying the fish we caught after it had been cleaned, fried, and baked (left to right).
Team enjoying the fish we caught after it had been cleaned, fried, and baked (bottom – left to right).

Overall, another great vacation day in Langkawi!