A slight change of pace

Days 12, 13, 14, & 15 – The past several mornings greeted us with surprisingly calm, cloudless, blue skies; a stark contrast to our insane workdays over the week.

Clear blue skies -- a London rarity!
Clear blue skies — a London rarity!

As mentioned previously, we have not had wifi in our dorm-style German Mission lodging, so I haven’t been able to keep you all abreast of the subtle madness that we have endured!  (I still wouldn’t quite label it a “storm”.)  We have been conducting interviews consistently throughout the week to piece together more specific details about Interxion.  We’ve learned that a half hour, or an entire hour even, is hardly sufficient to touch on all of our burning questions.  The interviews often leave us more perplexed than we began, as the answers we receive frequently lead us to even more questions.  I must say, though, it’s pretty cool to reflect on how far we have come since we first started this project about 10 weeks ago.

London is a great city, despite the absurdly fickle weather.  If you’ve been following along with the previous posts, you’ve been able to see some of the beauties and oddities that we encounter on a regular basis.  My everyday accessories have recently become a jacket and an umbrella since it goes from 70 degrees to 50, sunny to rainy, (and back again), several times in the span of a day (and I don’t think I’m exaggerating).

(Note: This is only half of London’s enormous tube system!)

For an American on such a strict budget in this European city where everything is priced at nearly double that in the States, we are constantly finding ways to survive on the cheap.  This includes routines such as walking everywhere, hand-washing clothes in the sink, and buying food mostly from local convenient stores.  We have had little success finding quality food in these places, and dining out regularly is out of the question.  The food challenge is intensified since we have neither a refrigerator nor a microwave/stove for the items that we do buy.  Desperate for some variety outside convenient store selection, Anda and I recently ventured by tube into The Unknown (aka Zone 3) for a trip to the nearest ASDA, a local supermarket chain.  We scooped up several packaged tuna and salmon pasta bowl lunches that come with a decent price of about £3.00 (about $5.00), can be stored at room temperature, and have an expiration date well into the year 2016.  Jackpot!

We were also thrilled with the canned meat selection, as you can imagine. Canned meat

As a bonus this week, we had the great opportunity to meet the VP of Marketing at Coca Cola Europe, who gave us a tour of their brand new central London offices.  It was fabulous! Coca Cola

We’re reaching the point of bittersweetness in our trip as the project reaches its culmination and our opportunities for in-country exploration begin to narrow.  I’ll try to post more frequently if I can find reliable wifi!  Just one week left in this adventure…