Day 12: Stay Classy, Singapore

It’s hard to believe, but today was our last day in Singapore. We started off the workday like most others, visiting a local supplier. But this evening was full of delicious food and great company as we ate at Jumbo Seafood (the BIG name seafood) for our final dinner. We met up with an Ohio State alum, Mark, who ordered all the best dishes for our last night here. Let’s just say we discovered our new love for black pepper crab.

Jumbo's Black Pepper Crab

It was great to catch up with a Cleveland native who moved to Singapore with his wife 5 years ago (she’s a Michigan grad but we made sure not to hold that against him). It was great to share our GAP experiences with Mark and to hear his journey and to learn what it’s like living in Singapore. Buckeyes really are everywhere, and Sam is ready to form an OSU alumni club if/when he moves here!

Overall, our last day in Singapore was bittersweet. We have grown to love this city in the short week we have been here. Native Singaporeans have such pride in their city state – and it is easy to see why.

The city is clean, green, and beautiful. The people are friendly, intelligent, and open. The views are ridiculous and the diversity of cultures and food is delicious. The education system here is top notch, the companies that are headquartered here are impressive, and the transportation system is expansive and easy. The only negative from a Singaporean’s perspective? The weather! And we’d have to agree. The weather (and maybe the high prices – but when our fountain of wealth wishes come true we’ll be fine) are the only complaints from our team.

You fall in love with the city the moment you see the skyline for the first time and it’s hard to say goodbye.

Ferris Wheel

Night Sands
So for now, see you later, Singapore! Stay classy.