This souks – Day 12

Post initial presentation we spent much of the day revisiting our strategy and allocating our remaining areas to research.

At 4pm, Gregg, Joey, Travis and myself headed down the street to meet the CFO.  This was our first working session with Steven and we were looking forward to his insight for forecasting revenue streams within the F&B industry.

He requested that we meet him at Make Business Hub in the Dubai Marina.  This coffee shop doubles as a workspace for freelancers, creative types and entrepreneurs, they were even hosting a business plan competition that evening.  Essentially, you can just come in to grab a coffee/snacks or you can buy packaged hourly sessions which included powered workstations and internet, pretty interesting concept.


Since our point of contact had studied and lived in the US, I rarely felt international barriers within our working relationship outside of the obvious time zone issues.  It’s ironic though, during both our presentation yesterday and our meeting with the CFO today the conversations continued to lead down the path of , “well is that how it works in the US?” “would people be willing to do that in the US?” The executive team consists of various different nationalities and sometimes we need to remind ourselves that our perceptions are certainly not consistent across both teams . . . it’s been a real learning experience.


After our meeting a few of us headed back down towards Bur Dubai to visit more of the traditional souks.  We love souks!

The souks are traditional Arabic market places in the oldest areas of Dubai and a real cultural experience.  The largest souks include the Perfume Souk, Spice Souk, Textile Souk, Fish Souk and the Gold Souk.

First though. . . we needed dinner. . . and when we found this place we couldn’t pass it up.


My first shawarma experience. . .

lavash menu


Gregg, Matt and myself got the original and Gina went with the Falafel.  The food was incredible and as you can see, 5 AED . . $1.35.  We have been missing out.  We all agreed . . . every remaining meal for the next 10 days would be at Lavash, even if it is 30 minutes away.

Afterwards, we headed over to the textile souk

textile souk shoes

then we grabbed a water taxi over to the spice souk, for a whopping 25 cents

water taxi



And finally we grabbed the metro home.


Need to remember this for our next visit to the fish souk . . .