Beat the Clock . . . Day 11

Today was a big day for the team, our strategy proposal to the executive team at RISE.  Even with advanced technology and the resources Fisher has provided our team, seven thousand miles and an eight hour time difference made regular meetings during the initial project planning portion of our assignment rather difficult.  Add on the fact that our client is working on a new venture which often lead to pivotal changes in scope.

In our initial draft presentation we wanted to be sure that we had effectively understood and addressed the scope of the project with the development of a unique strategy. We spent a great deal of time over the last week compiling our deck, we spent the morning running through additional topics and questions that we felt needed to be addressed

. . . and Gregg and I felt confidant to present, now we just needed to get to the meeting.

Being MBA students who all have relevant work experience, we understood the importance of researching the location and leaving early to ensure an on time arrival. We left a few hours early to make sure we made it downtown to the office and we could grab lunch before the meeting.  It was easy enough to get there and plenty of time to spare, we even scoped out the building before we grabbed lunch, or so we thought.

Why are there two EMAR 2 buildings? Building 2 and Tower 2, of course! After correctly identifying where we needed to be, we had to get there, the difficulty lies in the construction.  While it is great that the city development is moving at a rapid pace, that also means even crossing the street can be a challenge.

99 degrees out, dressed in suits, and we cannot find the entrance to the building. . . I literally felt like was melting. Our half hour window was quickly closing.

Luckily it all worked out, and we arrived with a few minutes to prepare. . .

group 1


The presentation went smoothly and generated really good conversation to keep moving the group forward.  Based on our research findings the team really felt we needed to push back on some of RISE’s initial strategy and it was well received today.

Debriefing after the presentation . . .


The Burj Khalifa outside the office. . .





For the last week we noticed a significant amount of traffic buildup at one hotel, so after work we decided it was time to figure out what was going on there. . .

We discovered Barasti Bar located at Le Meridien



Great views of the marina area, pretty relaxed atmosphere since it was a Monday night and amazing deals.

I am still confused by the singing irish man? but nevertheless I am sure we will be back.