Hamburg Day Two: Das Boot

After experiencing Hamburg’s nightlife (the Reeperbahn is out of control) it took us a while to get out of bed. By early afternoon we were able to recover enough to head down to Hamburg’s 825th anniversary port festival. Basically, it is a carnival that stretches along the harbor (hello fried foods and carnival games) with tours of battleships and a 4-floor disco ship called the San Disco!

2014-05-10 14.36.58

We toured a German frigate, the FMS Hamburg. It’s not everyday you get to drink beers on the deck of a German battleship and take an obligatory O-H-I-O picture:


We also toured the HMS Lancaster where they had a mounted machine gun you could stand at. While I think Sruti may be moonlighting as a sniper, it’s clear Natalie doesn’t have much training in this area:


We came back later in the evening for round two. Mark and Tim enjoyed some carnival games (naturals!)



2014-05-10 23.46.05

A little drinking ensued:


…and Natalie found her future husband (Note: That is NOT Natalie’s thong):

2014-05-10 23.31.25

It may have been a cold and rainy day in Hamburg, but that didn’t deter us!