Grad Students Use Their Brains . . . Day 5

It’s another hot day in Dubai . . .and the construction continues


This building is located across the street and due the rapid progression in three short days I’ve decided to start documenting, will it be done before we leave??

Not likely, but it is truly incredible the amount of construction going on in this gigantic city and how quickly it is completed.  The city that grew overnight . . .


We woke up to a very surprising email this morning. . .

Ghassan is the CEO of RISE Trading and our sole communication within the company.  He has been traveling in the US and was not scheduled to be back until the 12th but an important meeting brought him to the UAE last night . . .and he wanted to meet for lunch today to discuss our progress. . .

We spent the morning drafting our discussion points, highlighting three key areas of focus and remaining areas where we felt we needed further clarification.


We were supposed to meet for lunch at 1pm, Ghassan called to inform us the Sheikh requested to see him and he would have to delay our meeting.  The Sheikh has been extremely hands-on in Dubai, driving the development of this cosmopolitan city and has a focus to provide the best customer experience from touch down to take off in this city.


So the team hung tight and had lunch . . . another exciting day in the Dubai food world.

Gina and I stuck with appetizers and salads. . along with the rest of the team we enjoyed the traditional lebanese cuisine.  Today. . .Travis was our brave soul . .

Travis also ordered a salad.  . .

a salad of lamb brains


And yes it looked just like you are probably imagining right now.



Gregg took a try. . . and followed with “I bet Kate will try it” . . come on

How do I describe it. . . chewy

I make a note for our assignment: ‘I don’t think this concept would franchise well in the US’



After lunch Gina and I ordered coffee. . . my first experience with Turkish coffee . . . AMAZING!  Our coffee has nothing on Turkish or Arabian coffee. . . I am officially hooked.


Ghassan joined us shortly after lunch.  Ghassan is actually a graduate of The Ohio State University and worked with Gina back in Columbus.  Today’s reunion marks more than 20 years since they last saw each other.  Technology is truly amazing . . .


We split up to run a few errands after lunch and then meet back at the apt.  Somehow our half ended up back here first without a key . . . whomp whomp.  In the evening it is quite nice out in our courtyard so we just hung out and waited for the others.

It’s ironic that coming over here, after working with the team for 7 weeks, I felt that I knew very little about my new colleagues.  But within a few short days of living in-country we are really getting to know each other, sharing our personal experiences and our life stories.  We bring together a very wide range of circumstances and it is really helping me to better understand them and facilitating a better team.  This really is our very own Real World Dubai . . stay tuned