Cinco de Mayo . . . Day 4

Today we mean business. . .

The RISE team spent this morning diligently working to find data outlining the US and UAE food & beverage and retail markets.  With around seven weeks of work behind us, we still have a lot to learn and more work to put into our plan. . .

Lunch time we went our separate ways . .

Joey and Gina took a few minutes to relax. . .

I went town to our courtyard to read a book and grab a snack at the grocery store. . .

Travis went to a meeting for the Rotary Club of Dubai. . .

This may seem like an interesting activity however, Matt and Gregg take the cake for interesting . . or should i say peanut butter and jelly . . . burger


Yes, that’s right . . burger

Now like many WP’s, I have grown to love my daily PB&J sandwich on my drive from work to class . . . I now fear that this concept may forever ruin my love for this evening snack

the PBJ . . direct from the site, “Grass fed beef smothered in peanut sauce and strawberry jam with balsamic strawberries, melted cheddar, natural BF aioli, salad and relish all on a wholemeal bun.” . . . aioli??

Aioli is glorified mayonnaise. Not only do I loathe mayo, but to combine mayo with my adored PB&J . . .I’m scarred

But hey . . .I certainly applaud Gregg’s willingness to try new things



It’s funny . . . we must still be adjusting as we struggle to not only remember what day of the week it is, but also what day it is. . . how could we forget. . . cinco de mayo?!  It dawned on the team about mid-day and we set out on a mission to find a place that evening to celebrate.

In the UAE there are strict restrictions against the sale and consumption of alcohol so we had yet to participate in this popular collegiate pastime, but put a bunch of determined, bright, MBA students together and they will find a way.  It really is not all too difficult, while restaurants do not serve alcohol, most hotels have a license and we found Girders down the street.




The team enjoyed happy hour and then we headed down the beach walk in search of Mexican food (Dubai may have every version of every cuisine here, however, Mexican food is not very popular). . . RISE ended the evening at El Chico’s . . . Happy 5th everyone!