Getting Ready for Monday….

It is Sunday afternoon and the team Philips is here and working!

Phil was the first one to arrive Thursday night and did some reconnaissance work. Katie and Melissa finished finals and came in on Friday. Justin arrived soon after, having bungee jumped from the Macao Tower, the highest bungee point in the world (this was work-related, of course). Rajiv came in Saturday after doing some medical volunteer work in Vietnam. And John arrived Sunday after many delays. But as always, he was ready to hit the ground running!

Now, we’re get ready for our kick-off meeting with our sponsor.  We’re working in a very traditional Chinese meeting point – Blue Mountain Jamaican Coffee.Philips - Coffee Shop Meeting

Because every good team needs a good team-building exercise, we closed the day with dinner at a very traditional Chinese restaurant… Simply Thai.  Delicious!

Philips - Dinner at Simply Thai


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  1. My last comments to Justin were ‘Be Safe!’ Bungee jumping off the Macao Tower does not qualify. I hope your mom is not reading this blog!

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