Day 2: First Day of Work

Our second day in Malaysia was all about getting settled into the Western Digital: Malaysia offices and learning more about the project and community. The day began with a scenic van ride to the office (read: lost driver who drove around in circles until Sam and his newly purchased sim card guided us in the right direction). Once at the office, we got to meet with our team leader in Malaysia, CK, and gain a better understanding of the area and all that gets done in the 8 Western Digital buildings on the premises.

Western Digital specializes in data storage and hard disc drives, an industry that is profitable and stable, but shifting with the evolution of data storage (ie – hard discs vs. ‘the cloud’). The discussion of this shift led to a great quote by a WD employee…

“We cannot be passionate about what we do, but about the skill set we have.”

I think this is a great quote to keep in mind as we journey out into the real world – it’s not about the exact job we’re doing, but about the skill set we have to do that job and evolve along the way.

After speaking with WD employees, we had the opportunity to go into the factory where hard disc drives are actually produced, as a percentage of Western Digital drives are built right in Malaysia. Here, our team had to put on full body suits to ensure that there we were not bringing ANY static or dust onto the factory floor. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to take any pictures at Western Digital, but imagine the six of us in hairnets, rubber gloves, a full anti-static one-piece body suit and shoes, and face masks – definitely a sight to see (or one you would want to forget)!

Picture something like this
Picture this

Inside the factory was amazing! We definitely gained a greater respect for the production of hard disc drives – the intricacies are truly unbelievable! Every robotic machine must be precise to the micro-millimeter, every worker must ensure total quality control, and every hard disc must be (and is) made with a great deal of care.

Overall, a great first day learning about the company – next up… speaking with suppliers and learning more about risk management within the supply chain.