Interacting with Interxion

Day 2 – Today we had our first in-person interaction with Doug Loewe, the CEO (Managing Director here in the UK) of Interxion (also pronounced “interaction”), and what a fun and insightful meeting it was!  Four and a half hours there at Sushi Samba with Doug, and we got to know him, how he sees his company, and how he envisions the six of us coming into play.  Be inquisitive, he told us.  If you have more questions than answers at the end, it’s a good thing, he told us.  So ask lots of questions, he told us.  After today’s lunch discussion with Doug, I felt this project taking an unexpected turn…  At this point, I think the experience with all of those ATRQ’s from Professor Matta’s class may come in handy!Sushi Samba Doug

Sushi SambaThe rest of today was spent just exploring London a bit and venturing along Brick Lane, a famously hip street in the city.  Interxion’s headquarters are on this very street, and we’ll be spending our first day there on Tuesday when we begin the work that we came here to do.  Tomorrow (Monday) is a bank holiday, so we’re off for one more day.  No solid plans just yet, but Anda and I are determined to buy a hair dryer. (Exciting, I know.)  We’ll also probably do some touristy stuff.  You’ll read all about it tomorrow!  G’night for now, mates!