Live with Japanese Traditions

This Tuesday, I had a great encounter with the traditional and typical Japanese life style.

Nice Taste! –Yokohama Ramen

Firstly, my friends took me to a typical Japanese ramen restaurant named Yokohama Ramen. It was not big nor wide, and I just guess that maybe its capacity is around 20 people. Customers could choose whether to sit on an ordinary table or to sit in front of the kitchen (where they were able to watch how the stuff are preparing foods).

The ramen I ordered tasted really good. I had never had such a delicious ramen before! The soup was hot and the noodles themselves absorbed all the flavors.

This was the menu board put outside the restaurant. What impressed me was that all the paintings and words were handmade. So amazing and really attractive! This board shows the top sellers of the restaurant and the last one says that between 11:00 to 18:00, the restaurant provides free rice to customers. (In Japan, people usually eat ramen and rice together.)


Interesting Sport — Kendo

One of my friends here at Rikkyo University is taking a recreation class at Waseda University 早稲田大学. And he told me that it is fine if I come and watch their practice. So, I was really happy to go with him all the way to Waseda University to watch the Kendo class.

Kendo 剣道 s a traditional Japanese sports. People, wearing traditional Japanese clothes for Kendo,use bamboo sword and armor. Mostly, they compete one-to-one and should attack certain parts of the body of the competitor in order to gain points on the game. The most interesting part is that they usually shout really loud when they attack the competitor successfully.

It is great that I can experience so much of Japanese traditions and I hope I could enjoy more of the Japanese culture =)