Freshman Global Lab Site Visits

On the fourth day of the trip was our first site visit! It was with Angelini Pharmaceuticals. Their visit was very well organized. They took a lot of hey took a lot of effort to explain their facility and business as well as the effects of the economy on them. Their agenda included a company presentation, facility tour, coffee and snack break, question and answers, as well as their current research and development projects.

Outside of the facilities
The group during the presentation.
Our lunch break was delicious!
So good!

After lunch we were also provided time to network and socialize with the Angelini professionals. They were very friendly and eager to speak with us.

After Angelini our group as off to Citta Nuova. They were an international religious printing business. We were shown examples of their work and we sat and listened to their members explain their business to us. All of this was done through our translator as some of the concepts were hard for the members to convey in English to us. Meeting with a religious printing company was especially exciting considering we were in Rome near the Pope!!

Examples of their work
One of the Global Lab Students with a fresh copy!


This is one of the professionals explaining the printing process to us as we watched it happen.

While in Ireland we were able to visit Mondelez International as well as Yahoo! Mondelez manufactures an ingredient in chewing gum and other similiar products. A large part of their business is exporting. Their members explained their business model to us then proceeded to give us a hands on tour of the factory and production process. We donned hairnets and dove right in!

O-H-I-O with our factory gear on!

We were also able to visit EMC while in Ireland. They manufacture electronic and computer devices. They also gave us a tour of the factory and a business presentation. Their speaker was especially interested in us! He asked us a lot of questions to gauge the opinion on topics of our generation. He was extremely intelligent. We were also able to visit Yahoo while in Ireland!

Beginning of our EMC tour
Meeting around the table with EMC