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Needed: Transcripts from every school you attended

MBA Applicants,

When you are completing your application to the program, please take note of the transcript instructions.  Ohio State requires transcripts from each institutition where you earned credit, even if the name of the institution and courses are listed on your primary transcript.  If the name of a college or university is listed on your primary transcript (perhaps from summer school or study abroad, for example), the Graduate Admissions Office at Ohio State will request an official transcript from that institution.

The exception to the rule – if you completed your undergraduate work exclusively at Ohio State, you do not need to request a transcript.  We can access that for you.

However, if you studied abroad or did any coursework outside of Ohio State during your time here, we would need you to order those transcripts.

Questions?  Email us at

Summmer steps to prepare for your MBA application

Take these steps towards your future!

If you are beginning to think about applying to MBA programs this fall, there are a number of things you can work on this summer to get ready:

1) Begin your research on programs to determine which one is going to be the best fit for you (hopefully it is Fisher!).  Visit the program websites, read the admissions blogs (great job!), read the current student blogs to get a sense of what life is like as a student at Fisher.  Learn about opportunities to visit campus or connect with members of the admissions staff

2) Prepare for the GMAT exam.  Visit for all of the information you could possibly want to learn about the test, study guides, resources and free, downloadable, full length practice tests.  Most schools will look at your highest score, but ideally you only have to take the test once at $250 per attempt!

3) Think about who will serve as your references.  Many MBA programs now use electronic reference forms.  By the time your recommender receives the link to complete the reference form and upload the letter of support, he/she should already know what to expect and be prepared to complete the process.  Fisher prefers professional references over academic references, unless you are a recent graduate from an undergraduate or graduate program and have a strong relationship with a professor who can speak to your potential for success in the MBA program.  Current supervisors are our first choice for a reference, followed by previous supervisors, colleagues, clients, or individuals with whom you work in the community or in a professional organization outside of your primary place of employment.

4) Request transcripts from your undergraduate institution(s) early.  Sometimes it takes awhile for those transcripts to arrive, so don’t wait until the last minute.  Check to see if the MBA programs to which you are applying will accept electronic copies of transcripts.  Fisher is now able to accept scanned or electronic copies of transcripts for academic review during the application process.  Official hardcopies will be requested after you are offered admission and prior to enrollment, unless the electronic transcript is sent directly to OSU from the granting institution and is considered official. 

5) Begin thinking about your essays.  Our essay questions are posted online so you can review them before you even begin an application.  The essays will really give you a chance to highlight elements of your personality, personal accomplishments, interesting aspects of your background and experience, etc. – they give you the best chance to differentiate yourself, so spend some time thinking about how you want to be perceived by the admissions committe.

Our application for Fall 2012 should be available as of August 1, 2011.  In the meantime, please click here to be added to our database and to request more information about Fisher.

Unofficial vs. official transcripts


We have been getting a lot of questions about transcripts, so I thought this was an opportune time to clarify what we need from you. 

Domestic Applicants (U.S.):

You are required to send two official copies of your transcripts to The Ohio State University.

An official transcript is:

  • A “physical” transcript that is mailed directly to the Graduate Programs Office from the Registrar of your former or current University.
  • Remember to send transcripts from each and every post secondary institution that you attended.
    • This includes universities attended during high school, study abroad work, and transcripts previously submitted to Ohio State University as part of a freshman or undergraduate application.
  • You do not need to submit a transcript for any coursework you have completed at The Ohio State University.

International Applicants:

You are required to send in two official copies of your transcripts in order to receive an official and final admissions decision from The Ohio State University.  The Fisher College of Business will review an unofficial copy of your transcript and make a recommended admission decision.  You must provide the official copies of your transcripts prior to enrolling at Ohio State/Fisher if you receive a provisional admission decision.

You do not need to submit a transcript for any coursework you have completed at The Ohio State University.

What constitutes an unofficial copy of your transcripts? 

  • A PAPER copy of your transcripts sent to us via surface mail. 
  • Scanned or emailed copies of transcripts cannot be used for a preliminary review of the application.