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Rolling Admissions vs. Rounds

As you are getting ready to submit your applications to business schools, be sure to pay attention to the deadlines.  Some schools operate on a rolling admissions schedule, while some schools use rounds.  Schools that use rounds expect that your application is complete by the posted deadline and all of the applications that were submitted by a particular deadline are reviewed together.  The next batch of applications will be reviewed after the next deadline has passed.  So, if a deadline is October 15 and you submit your application on the 16th, you may have missed the chance to be reviewed in that round.  Fisher uses a rolling admissions schedule.

Here are some important things to note with respect to our rolling admissions process:

  • We will review your applications as they are submitted and become complete.  You do not need to wait until the deadline to submit your application or receive any feedback from us. Even though we just had a deadline  (October 15), you can still submit tomorrow and your application will be reviewed when it is ready.
  • Deadlines are guidelines for you and for us, from an application processing standpoint – there are certain incentives to applying by the deadlines, like priority funding consideration, for example.
  • The earlier you apply, the more seats still remain to fill the class, so the better your chances might be for admission.
  • If you apply early and are not a competitive applicant at that time, you may still have time to work on some of the weaker areas of your application in time for the next enrollment.  If a candidate has strong potential for admission, yet is lacking in a specific area that may be addressed, the admissions committee may put you on the waitlist and provide feedback as to steps you can take to increase your chances for admission.  Perhaps we would like to see a higher score on the GMAT or TOEFL or perhaps we will advise you to enroll in a continuing education course during spring semester to give the admissions committee some additional confidence in your quantitative abilities.  This kind of feedback might be possible if you submit an application in November rather than March, for example.

Our next application deadline is December 1 – get your application in any time between now and then to benefit from priority merit-based funding consideration!