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New GMAT waiver policy

As you may have noticed on the admission requirements section of our new and improved website, we now have an opportunity for eligible applicants to request a waiver of the GMAT.  The GMAT is the only standardized test that was designed exclusively for MBA admissions and was created to help business schools assess whether MBA applicants have the quantitative, verbal and analytical skills required to succeed in the core business courses offered through an MBA program.  The GMAT is the only standardized test that we officially accept for admission to the MBA program at Fisher.

That being said, we recognize that some applicants may be able to demonstrate their potential to succeed in the MBA classroom without the GMAT.  Applicants who have already earned a graduate or professional degree in the United States  may request exemption from the GMAT exam.  The thought behind this is that these applicants have the ability to prove to the admissions committee that they can handle the rigor of graduate level coursework and presumably have taken some courses that have given them knowledge and skills that can be transferred to the MBA classroom environment. 

When you are completing the online application, you will see a section that enables you to request a waiver of the GMAT.  If you choose to do this, you are giving the admissions committee the freedom to make a final decision on your application as it stands without the score.  This means that the other sections of your application will carry more weight than they would for someone who does have a GMAT score.  Here are the three potential outcomes of applying with a GMAT waiver:

1) Your application is reviewed and you are invited to interview with the program.

2) Your application is reviewed and you are put on the waitlist.  If the admissions committee thinks that a GMAT score is required to better assess your candidacy for the program, you will be contacted with a request to take the exam. 

3) Your application to the  program will be denied.

Some advice: If you are typically a strong standardized test taker, we would recommend that you take the exam.  A strong score could give you a competitive edge over other candidates and it could qualify you for more merit-based funding than you would have received otherwise.  Applicants who elect not to take the GMAT may not be eligible for the highest level of awards at Ohio State/Fisher.