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Application Status: Apply Yourself vs. Buckeyelink

If you have created an application account for the MBA program and have started working on your application, you have been using a system called Apply Yourself (“AY“).  This screen shot should look familiar when you log in:

Screen shot of application in progress













Once you submit your application to the MBA program, you will continue to visit AY to review your application checklist – this will tell you whether we have received your transcripts, your test scores, your letters of recommendation or any other application materials that were not submitted with your online application form.

Soon after submitting your application, you will receive an email from The Ohio State University that provides your OSU ID and OSU ID password.   This information will be used to log into the Buckeyelink to check your application status as it pertains to a DECISION on your completed application.  This site will be updated to indicate whether your application is in review, been approved for admission, been denied, or whether a decision has been deferred until a later date (wait listed):

For Fisher MBA applicants, this application status button on Buckeyelink is not where you go to make sure we have received your application materials.  This is where you go to check on the status of your completed application.

To summarize:

Check AY to check the status of your application that has been submitted but not yet complete.

  • In other words, until your application is complete, check AY.

Check Buckeyelink to check the status of your application that has been submitted and is complete.

  • In other words, after your application is complete, check Buckeyelink.


Good luck!

Happy Applicants = Happy Alisa!

When Alisa is happy, everyone is happy!

This is Alisa.  Alisa is known around the Graduate Programs Office (GPO) as the Fairy Godmother.  She has a way of helping the problems of our students just magically go away.

In reality, she is our Front Desk Associate and she takes care of everyone and everything around here.  If you have come to Gerlach Hall, you have met Alisa, and if you have called our main phone number at 614-292-8511, you have likely spoken with Alisa.  This time of year Alisa gets bombarded with phone calls from nervous applicants, which is certainly understandable given the stress that you are under to meet the application deadlines.  The most common phone call she receives these days goes something like this:  “I just submitted my application, but my online checklist still says I am missing transcripts.”  On most days, you hear a smiling Alisa on the other end of the phone, ready and willing to answer any questions you have.  However, if you remember from my last blog post, we have to match up your online application with any supplemental materials you may have sent us.  Since this is a manual process, the application checklist does not get updated in “real time.”  As such, please be patient at wait at least five business days before inquiring about your application status, as it will likely take this long for your status to get updated online.   Also, keep in mind that the Graduate Programs Office will be closed on Thursday, December 23 and Friday, December 24.

Alisa is more than happy to answer any questions you might have, but there isn’t much she can do if you JUST submitted your application. Plus, she may be the Fairy Godmother and all, but she is also only one person and she may not have all of the answers.  Sometimes, the answer is just to wait a little bit longer, because we promise, the information is coming!  Feel free to check your application status as often as you like by logging in to your Apply Yourself account (the account you used to create your application).  Technical assistance is available from that page as well, in case you forget your username or password.

Good luck!

Alisa and the rest of the Graduate Programs Office wish you a very happy holiday season.  We hope to see you in Gerlach Hall soon!

Troubles with the online application? Helpful hints are here!

Arrgghh! I forgot my password again!

During this time of year, we begin to receive phone calls from applicants who are having trouble creating or accessing their application accounts.   Like many other schools, Fisher uses a vendor called Apply Yourself for the graduate program applications.  A few notes as you create/access your Apply Yourself account:

  • If you have ever created an account in Apply Yourself, even for another college or university, you can log-in to Fisher’s application using the SAME username and password.  You do NOT need to create a new username or password.
  • If you have forgotten your username or password, you can  contact tech support by clicking here and following the instructions provided.
  • If you are still having trouble, you can send an email to and a Fisher staff member will attempt to help you resolve your issues.

Reminder: Our first application deadline is approaching quickly – Friday, October 29!