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Now accepting 2011 applications

The 2011-2012 application season for the Fisher MBA program has officially begun!  Our 2011 application is now live, so click here to get started.

We have changed our application deadlines from last year, so if you haven’t seen the latest deadlines, I have posted them here for your review.  Please note that we review applications on a rolling basis.  This means that we continue to review applications as they become complete and we make admissions decisions on an ongoing basis.  Pay attention to the published deadlines, but know that you are encouraged to submit applications prior to a deadline, as well as in between deadlines.

1st deadline: October 29, 2010*

*Applicants who submit by this deadline and who are offered admission to the Full-Time MBA program and enroll at Fisher will receive a $1,000 travel voucher that can be used to offset the cost of academic or professional travel expenses during their time at Fisher.  Many of our students will attend national conferences, choose to participate in an elective trek, enroll in our Emerging Markets Field Study Course, study abroad, or participate in our Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship program.

2nd deadline: December 15, 2010**

**Applicants who submit by this deadline will be considered for all available merit-based funding opportunities.  Some merit-based awards are exclusively reserved for candidates who submit by this deadline, so I encourage you to apply early if financial aid will play a significant role in your selection process.

3rd deadline: January 5, 2011

4th deadline: March 1, 2011

5th deadline: April 15, 2011

We will continue to accept applications after April 15 on a space available basis.  There will likely be little to no merit-based funding for candidates who apply after the last deadline, so keep that in mind if you plan to apply in late spring.

Please feel free to write comments, as I will be checking the blog regularly and welcome your questions, especially if the answers will be valuable to the Fisher MBA applicant pool.