New GMAT Mobile App

The Graduate Management Admissions Council, which owns the GMAT exam, has announced plans to release the “Official GMAT” Mobile app, giving test takers the ability to practice with retired questions from the GMAT and compare to other users of the app. 

“No other app gives you access to retired questions from the GMAT exam as well as a fun way to keep your skills sharp and connect with others who are getting ready for the exam,” said Peg Jobst, executive vice president of the GMAT division at GMAC. 

In addition to the gaming component, you will be able to access the mobile version of the Official Guide to GMAT Review book series and you will be able to register on directly from the app.

The mobile app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, will be available soon on iTunes exclusively.  The “Official GMAT” app costs $4.99 for 50 questions, with additional 250 supplemental question packs available for US$9.99.

Coming soon - the GMAT Mobile App