Still accepting Autumn 2011 apps, but time is running out

Are you a domestic candidate/U.S. citizen?

If yes, you may still be able to join the Fisher MBA class of 2013.  Continue reading for further instructions.

If no, I encourage you to apply for Autumn 2012 (application will be available after August 1). 

Have you recently decided that you are interested in pursuing your MBA but don’t want to wait for an entire year to begin?

The Ohio State University is still on a quarter system until 2012.  As such, we are currently able to accommodate “late applicants” since our pre-term orientation program does not begin until the first week of September.  We recognize that “life happens” and sometimes unforeseen circumstances require you to reconsider your short-term and long-term plans.  We always reserve a few spots for candidates who find themselves in a state of uncertainty as summer approaches.  We do still have a few spots available for this fall’s entering class, but act fast – your deadline to apply for this fall is June 30, 2011.  Submit your application today – we look forward to hearing from you!

Act fast - apply now!